Home Entertainment Arinda Patricia Murder: Here’s all you need to know

Arinda Patricia Murder: Here’s all you need to know

Arinda Patricia Murder: Here's all you need to know

Kaitesi Suzan, 24, is currently in Police custody over murder of her cousin sister Patricia Arinda and her boyfriend only identified as Kajumba.

The alleged murder occurred last Thursday 12th January when Kaitesi locked the duo in her apartment in Jinja Kawempe Zone A in Nabweru, Kawempe division, and torched it down.

The suspect is said to have run away from the inferno while telling neighbours that a gas cylinder had exploded inside her house and she had escaped the inferno with minor injuries.

However, those who rushed to the scene to put out the fire were shocked to learn of two dead bodies, and most shockingly, the gas cylinder was in the kitchen intact.

The police rescue team and neigbours suspected foul play.

Arinda Patricia

Meanwhile, the alleged killer had since been admitted to the nearby clinic before she was transferred to Kawempe Hospital from where she was taken to Kawempe Police station for questioning.

Detectives poked holes in her narrative when she described the deceased as “mere visitors” before she confessed upon interrogation that the female was a cousin sister and Kajumba her boyfriend.

The suspect is said to have arrived at 1 pm and stayed put in the house for more than two hours before fire broke out from the apartment.

Boom Uganda snoops have landed on WhatsApp audios exchanged by relatives of the deceased explaining how she met her death.

In the audios, an unidentified woman speaking vernacular (Rukiga) alleged that last year on Patricia’s birthday, Kaitesi laced her food with poison, but it was not strong enough to take Patricia’s life.

Meanwhile, Patricia had taken lightly the matter since Kaitesi was a sister.

Kaitesi suspected that her boyfriend Kajumba was sleeping with Patricia.

Kaitesi Suzan’s apartment.

The relative in the audios further alleges that late last year, Kaitesi hired a hitman at shs 500,000 to finish off Patricia who instead revealed the plot to the latter and even shared part of the money with her.

This relatives narrates that on Thursday Kaitesi and Patricia were scheduled to attend a relative’s birthday.

Kaitesi asked Patricia to pass by her house and they moved together to the party. The two are closely related because Kaitesi’s father is a brother to Patricia’s mother.

When the two delayed showing up at the birthday party, their relatives promptly to make calls only to find Patricia’s phone number off.

When Kaitesi was reached, she said, Patricia was meeting someone and the two would get going as she finishes.

Meanwhile, Patricia was dropped at Kaitesi’s residence by a boda boda man who was supposed to pick her later, when he returned the landlady told him that a woman she dropped had been burnt and her body taken to Mulago Mortuary.

Police is investigating the matter before Kaitesi is arraigned in Court for trial.

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