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BITABUSE! MP Bashir Mbaziira exposes NUP’s dark secrets after branding him a mole

BITABUSE! MP Bashir Mbaziira exposes NUP's dark secrets after branding him a mole
MP Bashir Mbaziira

Former media personality turned politician, Bashir Mbaziira the Kawempe North Member of Parliament has exposed his political party National Unity Platform (NUP).

NUP is led by Bobi Wine and it is the current strongest opposition political party in the land. It is said to be standing on the truth of people but in the look of the insiders it is the opposite.

Bashir Mbaziira was elected in 2021 and his supporters expected a lot from him as other NUP MPs like Ssegirinya were building hospitals and buying ambulances but for Mbaziira was just enjoying the AC weather in Parliament.

Mbaziira was criticized by many and he was branded a mole. To protect his political name, Mbaziira has chosen to expose NUP’s top secrets.

Through his Twitter, Mbaziira has revealed that he is tired of keeping quiet it is time to speak up his mind and people know the truth.

“Today I am going to expose the whole truth and you’ll understand why I was silent,” Mbaziira said.

“I don’t understand why people call me a mole you don’t know the information I know just because I choose to be silent doesn’t mean I am off course. I just realised the people we were in a struggle with were two faced yet youth were being killed in then,” He added.

According to Bashir, Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana are behind bars because they ate government money. None of them had businesses to give them the money they were splashing all over.

“This is why Ssegirnya and Sewanyana are behind bars they ate if I had eaten don’t you think I would be behind bars with them?? Did you see me buying ambulances contracting hospitals creating splashing money ask yourself where an mp can get money to splash like that yet,” Bashir Mbazira said.

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