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“I didn’t choose Lugogo Cricket Oval to prove a point” Spice Diana speaks out after historical concert

Spice Diana

Songstress Spice Diana real name Namukwaya Hajara has revealed that she didn’t choose Lugogo Cricket Oval for her concert to prove a point to anyone.

In Uganda, Cricket Oval has been known to be an event for big international artistes not until local singers; Gravity Omutujju, Winnie Nwagi and now Spice Diana proved their worth.

Previously, singer Spice Diana preferred choosing at least smaller venues like Freedom City which she has been filling to blim for several times hence forcing herself to advance. Indeed she had a perfect show.

After three years without any concert, Spice Diana revealed that she is ready for Lugogo Cricket Oval despite how people rate it to be for only the bigger artistes.

According to Spice Diana she didn’t choose Lugogo Cricket Oval to prove any point to anyone. She just chose it to make her fans comfortable in a bigger space.

“decided to have a concert at cricket oval not to brag or prove anything. I chose a venue where my people would be comfortable. I will not care if only 10 people come or 100 or 10,000, as long as everyone is comfortable and happy. If we sell out, well and good. If it was all about the numbers, I would have gone back to Freedom City but I did not want my people to have the same experience they had last time where there was no breathing space, seats were removed to create space and everyone was uncomfortable.” Spice Diana revealed.

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