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Frank Gashumba: “I was disappointed that Sheilah fed her sumbie to God’s Thug & ‘Kony’ look-alike, Rickman”

Frank Gashumba

Social and political analyst Frank Gashumba is heartbroken by his daughter Sheila Gashumba’s ‘Kony’ look-alike boyfriend Rickman Derrick Ddungu

Frank Gashumba and Sheila have been looked at as the perfect father and daughter.

Frank Gashumba has been defending his daughter in many ways but in the audio that leaked online yesterday, he is not happy at all about her being disrespectful and indisciplined.

Another thing that always turns him off is seeing his daughter dating low-key men. According to Frank Gashumba, he wasn’t happy when Sheilah was dating God’s Plan whom he branded a “Thug” and her current boyfriend.

Sheilah’s boyfriend Rickman – Joseph Kony

Frank Gashumba described Sheila Gashumba’s boyfriend Rickman as “Kony” because of his looks and swore never to bless his daughter’s marriage with such a man.

“One day they found me at a restaurant in Nsambya, he was with that rascal and his father, he had pierced ears and a nose, and was wearing Kony’s hairstyle [Joseph Kony is the founder of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA)]. You bring such people to me, Gashumba? Even if I’m dead,” Gashumba says in the audio.

Over to you Rickman!

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