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Sheilah Gashumba breaks silence on viral audio of father disclosing her dark secrets, her response turns heads

Frank Gashumba uncovers daughter Sheilah's dirt, brands boyfriend Rickman

NBS TV star Sheilah Gahumba, a daughter to renowned political and social analyst Frank Gashumba has finally opened up about the surfaced video of her father uncovering her dirt.

In the viral audio here, Frank Gashumba bitterly exposed his daughter, Sheilah’s dark secrets. He accuses his daughter of disrespect and indiscipline.

Frank Gashumba exposed his daughter’s dark secrets in a leaked audio clip while interacting with a one Diana.

From accusing Sheila Gashumba of disrespect to failure to honour appointments in the guise of being eaten up by duty calls, Omuvandimwe says his daughter is destined for the worst if she pushes on with her bitter traits.

“If U Can’t Respect your father, then u cannot give respect to superiors or your husband. I have poured my entire body for Sheila to be Weya she is, attending to good schools up to employment opportunities but I’m disappointed that she can’t even honour her commitments. You agree to meet at 2pm, she then turns up at 7pm.”- Frank Gashumba.

Frank Gashumba too believes the NBS After 5 co-host lacks a saving culture despite sacrificing a lot to take her to the best schools in town.

From being extravagant as she lacks a saving culture, to lacking morals as she was even tempted to tattoo her bum, dating broke men like God’s Plan and Rick Manrick, Frank is worried her daughter is living in the lion’s den.

Gashumba has also warned Sheila never to bring broke men like the “Ebango” singer who can’t even afford cars for themselves with pierced noses and long hair to seek his hand in marriage.

However, in her response, Sheilah said she doesn’t need to explain herself to people because she knows who she is.

“One fact is I don’t talk about my family or my relationships no matter the situation. I don’t need to explain myself to people because I know who I am. This is the first and last comment I’m giving about this audio going around. Goodnight perfect parents and children,” Sheilah said.

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