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VIDEO: All the Truth You Should Know About Ann Taylor & Husband SB4 Media’s Split

Ann Taylor & Husband SB4 Media

Renowned public figure Ann Taylor has recently become the talk of the town with the unexpected announcement of her separation from SB4, also known as Rogers Ssebunya.

The duo, who had been in a long-term relationship and recently embraced parenthood with the arrival of twins, has left the public in disbelief.

In an exclusive interview with Ruth Kalibbala, Ann Taylor confirmed the heartbreaking news of their separation. However, she made it abundantly clear that the intimate details of their split were to remain private.

With a poised and dignified demeanor, she debunked any speculations of a publicity stunt or a quest for attention, expressing her commitment to navigating this challenging time with grace.

Despite Ruth Kalibbala’s attempts to coax more information from Ann, the public figure stood firm in her decision to keep the details under wraps and move forward independently.

Ann also went to her socials and postted that: “Mbalamusiza ba ssebo ne ba nyabo obubaka buno bugende Eli mwena a bavola omukyala Maama Fina nga mugamba nti yayononye obufumbo bwange ebintu byemwogela sibitufu ela tanayononako Obufumbo bwange nsaba mulekele awo okumuvumaganya . Nze nga Ann omukyala Maama Fina musamu ekitibwa ela nsaba namwe mukimuwe. okusalawo kwange nakukoze nga nze. Maama Fina mumujje mubintu byamwe 🙏 kuba Talina buzibu bambi .”

The journey of Ann Taylor and SB4 had been fraught with challenges, including fertility struggles that they bravely conquered, leading to the joyous arrival of their twins. Sadly, despite their triumphs, the couple decided to part ways romantically, marking the end of an era.

The news of Ann and SB4’s separation sent shockwaves through their devoted fan base and the general public, who had avidly followed their journey and celebrated their triumphs. Many expressed their sadness and disappointment, having admired the couple’s resilience and ability to overcome adversity.

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