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“I don’t write songs, just give me the beat & I deliver,” Budding star Alien Skin brags

Alien Skin

Alien Skin a Ugandan singer who gained popularity after his music went viral including his two singles ‘Towakana’ and ‘Tulabise’ says he doesn’t write songs but only needs a producer to play a beat and he delivers there and then.

“I don’t write songs, all you have to do is play a beat and i deliver there and then,” says Alien Skin in an interview with Boom Uganda.

The ‘Sitya Danger’ singer who grew up in Kansanga started singing in 2017 as an underground rapper in the ghetto.

He started releasing music in 2019 and released his pop record Tulabise in 2021 a song that gained momentum on TikTok after several influencers sung the song.

The Mbatisana singer has turned out to be one of the favorite upcoming artistes of the Uganda youths even though he says he has never been an upcoming artistes.

He has released songs like Sitya Danger, Mbatisana, Yasamila Muli and more. 

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