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“Herbert Shonga isn’t my baby daddy,” Sasha Brighton keeps her bean tormentor out of media

VIDEO: Sasha Brighton Used, impregnated and dumped, secrets emerge

Nannozi Joweria alias Sasha Brighton Kalungi is one of the most beautiful divas in the Uganda music industry and every man would wish to have a taste of her goodies.

Indeed she has got a number of them promising to love her wholeheartedly but the relationships have always ended up in tears.

After several breaks up, the recording and performing artiste hooked up with a city socialite Herbert Shonga few months after his divorce from wife Dorothy Shonga. He looked like to be the real man to heal the singer’s broken heart but she just added salt to the wounds.

Sasha and Shonga painted the internet red proving to everyone that they were born to be together. However, things turned worse and the option for the ‘Kawomera’ singer was to quit.

A few months after dumping Shonga, Sasha was reportedly pregnant and this brought a huge controversy and mixed reactions since she refused to reveal the father responsible for her pregnancy.

It was claimed that Shonga fathered her pregnancy but during an interview with Boom Uganda, the singer trashed the allegations.

She clarified that the man who used, impregnated, and dumped her like a polythene bag is not Shonga but refused to reveal his identity to the Boom Uganda snoops.

“The  man who got me pregnant is not Shonga and he is not a musician because i have never and will never date a musician. About my baby daddy,  I won’t reveal his identity because i have a right to keep my relationship life private,” Sasha.

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