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TV Star Etania Mutoni Breaks Silence on Feeding Her ‘Bean’ to Singer Joshua Baraka

Renowned deejay, emcee and reality TV star, Etania Mutoni has officially announced her romantic relationship with the hitmaker behind ‘Nana,’ Joshua Baraka, confirming how the two are chewing each other without limits.

Speculation had been rife for months regarding the pair’s closeness, with public sightings and cozy moments at various events fueling the gossip mills. However, it was only on the latest episode of the trending Kampala Creme reality TV series that the duo decided to break their silence.

Viewers were treated to an unexpected twist towards the end of Episode 6, as visuals captured the electrifying chemistry between Etania and Joshua. The revelation unfolded with a heartwarming embrace after one of Baraka’s performances in Kampala, followed by a shared romantic moment that left fans cheering.

Sealing the deal with the magic words, Etania declared Joshua Baraka as her boyfriend. The deejay, known for her outspoken nature, couldn’t help but express her love for Baraka, signaling a departure from her past sentiments.

“I’m a lover girl for real, for real. Kale I’m ashamed, CEO ‘Men are trash’… I’m not repeating that,” blushed Etania after the show.

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