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A man isn’t yours if you’re not married to him – Bruno K lectures women

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Following a video of a one Pretty Nichole being beaten by her friends identified as Kaftah Queen and Charity accussing her of seducing and snatching their men surfaced on the internet, many people including celebrities and netizens come out and gave their views about the act. (Read Story Here).

Salvador posted saying; “In Uganda we have He or She, Him or Her, Male or Female..these things of I identify as simanyi them, it, etc were fixed by the Kibokos we got in Primary, our identity is very clear.. if you feel you can’t identify yourself, Come to Uganda for a month just one month, thank you”.

After condeming the action, Bruno K a well-known musician, however, has another persipective in a way to reason this whole Pretty Nicole, Kaftah, man snatching saga.

According to Bruno, women out there should stop beating their fellows over men especially those who are not married. 

He says if a woman isn’t married to a man that automatically shows that the men they crave aren’t theirs as they claim because after all, they aren’t the mothers of the men they say belong to them. 

“If you aren’t married to a man he is not yours. Muwulide. Mulekele awo okukuba babanwe olwa abassajja. Omussajja gwolina gwe amuzala.

“I love how the whole country fought for the young lady to find justice. But my question here is, if it was a boy or aman would we do the same? Most cases the rights of the boy child are ignored and I find it not right,” Bruno.

Boom Uganda snoops have exclusivly learnt that Kaftah Queen, the prime suspect in assaulting Pretty Nicole has finally been arrested.

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