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Pretty Nicole: BBS TV’s Diana Nabatanzi bashes girls who beat up fellow for allegedly snatching a man

Pretty Nicole beaten

A video clip of a young girl identified as Pretty Nicole being beaten by a fellow girl is going viral online and has left many with mixed reactions.

The video that has been criticised by netizens shows a one Kaftah together with her friends beating up their fellow identified as Pretty Nicole for snatching a man.

According to reports, Nicole was b0nking with Kaftah’s boyfriend behind her back and when it reached her ears that her very friend is chewing her man’s cassava, she chose to beat her up accusing her of indecent dress code and snatching men.

However, media personality Diana Nabatanzi has come public and criticized the evil act of Kaftah and other girls who beat up their friend Nicole for allegedly snatching a man.

According to Diana, the act was embarrassing and disgusting.

“Am so disgusted by this act of these women embarrassing fellow women! This girl was beaten terribly, undressed, poured on her what seems to sewage, on top of that recorded her body naked & released her videos allover social media. All in the name of “fighting for aman & romours!! All cheering really??? It’s wrath, bitterness & unfairness. she didn’t deserve this disgrace, its inhuman. This is similar to what took the life of the black American girl called Shanquella Robinson ( google). These so called evil friends. She deserves justice.

“Young girls get busy & get stuff to do. !!! Stop these cheap fights!! Social media bullying needs to stop. Depression kills. NO one is perfect.NOTE: I’ve said what ive said come here knowing. This is “MY OWN OPINION. ” you too are entitled to yours,” Diana.

Other celebrities and netizens have reacted to the viral video and some calling out the Uganda Police to launch an inquiry and prosecute those responsible in an effort for Nicole to get justice.

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