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“My girlfriend dumped me when i became a drug addict,” Qute Kaye cries foul

Ugandan faded artiste Qute Kaye, real name Ivan Kawuma, has revealed that he lost a lot of friends including his lover when he became addicted to drugs.

Qute Kaye struggled with drug addiction for so many years. He even reached the level where he had to steal and sell whatever he had so that he can find money to access drugs.

After going to the rehabilitation center he came clean in 2021 and started appearing on television talking about how dangerous drugs are.

Qute Kaye was arrested for stealing car headlights before he went to rehab.

Qute Kaye talked about his story without hiding anything and ever since he came clean, he has been talking about it up to now.

In a recent interview with a local television, Qute Kaye said his lover left him when he was in that hard situation but he doesn’t regret it because his new lover is getting married to him soon.

“I was addicted to drugs for some years and I am telling you it drained me. I started stealing, people that were close to me like my girlfriend left me. But I don’t regret their leaving because now I have a great life and I am getting married very soon,” Qute Kaye said

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