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Home Entertainment LIST! Celebrity splits: Ugandan stars who broke up in year 2022

LIST! Celebrity splits: Ugandan stars who broke up in year 2022

LIST! Celebrity splits: Ugandan stars who broke up in year 2022

In the entertainment industry globally, there is always so much drama when it comes to relationships between celebrities themselves.

It is always said that celebrity couples don’t work out although we have seen a few like Bobi Wine and Barbie Kyagulanyi, Geoffrey Lutya, and Irene Namatovu working out.

However, many always fail due to reasons not being revealed to the public. In this year 2022, we witnessed a number of couples that separated, and people less expected that from them.

Prima Kardashi and Mr. Henry: This couple. Olemwa!. They were so much in love and always painted all over social media red but after just a year of dating, Geosteady’s baby mama called it a quit and went to baby daddy leaving the Galaxy Fm presenter nursing a broken heart.

Weasle Manizo and baby mama Sandra Teta: The lovebirds bitterly separated this year 2022. Their separation took social media by storm due to the physical violence that was involved and the government also somehow got involved to make sure everything was going on well. Sandra even moved back to her home country Rwanda and it has been a long since we had about her. However, Manizo insisted they are still together. To prove a point, he recorded a song featuring him as a vixen.

MC Kats and Caroline Marcah: For these ones, nothing much is known. They were all over social media exchanging sweet nothings but always insisted that they are not dating. However, their convincing tongue didn’t do much to convince their fans and follower. Romour about the two having bonking sessions was revealed by workmate Zahara Totto during her show Uncut and indeed we witnessed it.

The purported couple split last year and just kept a simple friendship of hi.

Lwasa Emmanuel and Angel: Man of controversies broke up with his beloved wife of issues better known by themselves. The couple takes home the break of the year award after making headlines for close to two months. After their break up, Angel and Lwasa kept on attacking each other as they leak their bedroom secrets. They later reunited and then split again.

Robin Kisti – Mark Asiimwe: Robinah Nambooze, popularly known as Robin Kisti ended her romance with her fiancé Mark Asiimwe in 2022.

“I guess it ended in tears! There is just some sh*t I can’t take!” she posted on her Snapchat, adding that she is not yet on the dating market.

Kisti did not reveal the cause of the breakup. She thanked her followers on Snapchat who sent words of encouragement in a follow-up post.

“Thanks for the kind words, one day I will be strong enough to tell, but for now let me enjoy my life.”

Kisti, who has also worked as a model and emcee, has three children. 

Zari Hassan – GK Choppa: Ugandan business lady Zari Hassan aka The Bosslady bitter broke up with her boyfriend GK Choppa who had moved into her house and even threw her out.

Zari Hassan moved on with another young blood Shakib Lutaaya who she calls a dream man and keeps on praising him now and then on her social media pages.

Lwasa – Vanessa Vanny: Lwasa secretly started dating Vanessa after his break up with Angel. The news about them dating came about after reports surfaced that the couple ware planning a mega introduction. However, they break up on their introduction d-day after Vanessa failed to show up.

Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi was left confused after Vanessa Vanny switched off her phones and vanished on the eve of introduction day.

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