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WATCH: Man netted for pretending to be a woman to steal from men, his whooper betrays him

WATCH: Man busted for pretending to be a woman to steal from a men, got drunk & his whooper betrayed him

Incredible things have been seen going around in the past year 2022, where different men were identified as women in their vicinities.

This came about when men dressed up exactly like women, with their hair well plaited, chests up, and gorgeous faces filled with makeup. 

After getting the culprits and exposing them via social media platforms, No one ever thought this will ever happen again but surprisingly as we were celebrating new year’s eve, another mystrey man was caught pretending to be a woman.

According to our source, the busted man was caught after tanking in several kinds of alcohol bought for him by one of the revelers who after tried to caress him during a dance. 

While dancing the reveler found out that “her” chest was flat and hard as a rock a thing he could tolerate and right away informed his fellows who attacked him so badly.

No one knows why men nowadays have resorted to acting like women and on those detoothing fellow men and more than women do, many relay it on the economy that some men can’t stand but personally have failed to understand the core cause of such an act. 

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