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Tamale Mirundi Junior responds to his father about when he will get children

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Following different critics online and family, Tamale Mirundi Junior has finally answered the question of ‘when he will get have children?’.

During an interview, Mirundi Junior stated that he has faced a lot of problems because of being put under pressure by many people, especially his mother and father.

Tamale says that this is not the generation his parents had children.

“The economic pressure is different! This is a modern Uganda, things are completely different,” he said.

He says one must be prepared to have children because it’s commitment, desire, capability, and responsibility that one needs to have children. Tamale says many people especially youths are suffering today because they were pressured to have children by their families a thing that isn’t right because, at the end of the day, no family member will take responsibility for taking care of the children.

He says he has been said a lot of words by his father Tamale Mirundi Senior about him not having children at his age but he confirms he will not have them until when is fully ready and capable of taking full responsibility for his children. 

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