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“No promoter can afford to book me to perform on Christmas,” Bobi Wine’s brother Banjo Man says

Singer Banjo Man, Bobi Wine’s younger brother has revealed that no Ugandan promoter can manage to pay him to perform on Christmas day.

Christmas day is always the biggest day for Ugandan artistes to make money but for people like Banjo Man, it is not worth it.

Growing up in a big family, Banjo Man said he has learnt to appreciate being with his own family and he wouldn’t want anyone to take that away from him.

He said no one can afford to pay him the amount of money worth the time he spends with his Children and other family members.

According to Banjo Man, Christmas is for roasting meat, going to church having family people around, and playing and laughing with anyone but not going out to perform at concerts.

“No promoter can afford to pay me to perform on Christmas day. In fact, no money is worth time with my family. Christmas day is for my family not performing and that will live forever us,” Banjo Man said

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