Home Entertainment Bebe Cool applauds Brian Mulondo for tackling King Saha’s use of drugs

Bebe Cool applauds Brian Mulondo for tackling King Saha’s use of drugs

KFM's Brian Mulondo trashes King Saha for performing on weddings smelling weed

Legendary singer Bebe Cool Big Size real name Moses Ssali has applauded radio presenter Brian Mulondo for tackling fellow singer King Saha’s use of drugs.

King Saha has been in the industry for a long and for the past four years, people have been complaining about his use of weed.

At first, it was Bebe Cool who publically talked about it although King Saha quickly replied to him, abusing him and telling him how he is not successful despite not using drugs.

Instead of taking advice from Bebe Cool, he continued to use drugs and now it is another person who talked about it.

A few days ago during his daily show on the radio, Brian Mulondo dropped the bombshell on King Saha’s fans saying he stinks with weed. He said his manager should encourage him to chew gum because people are tired of him.

According to Bebe Cool, he is happy that Journalists have started advising artistes and more should come out because some artistes are so ashaming.

“I am happy and I was happy when I saw a Journalist talking about King Saha’s use of drugs. People have been thinking I am crazy but I want to tell you that Ugandan artistes don’t listen. More journalists should come out and advise artistes,” Bebe Cool said.

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