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“I was born a thief, I’ll forever be because it’s what i can do best,” Bad Black spills secrets

Shanita Namuyimbwa popularly known as Bad Black a Ugandan socialite, an extravagant spender, and a business woman revealed that she was born a thief. She revealed she will forever be a thief because it’s what i can do best.

“I was born a thief so I will always be a thief. It’s my brain,” she said. 

Bad Black revealed all this in an Interview with Boom Uganda.

She added that Ugandans have nothing to do that can go against her so she’s not afraid to say she’s one of the greatest embezzlers in the country.

Black added that she has not been affected by the financial crisis in the country because even when she’s broke, she can’t fail to have 5M because she is an influencer, has a following, a swag mama, and a proud embezzler. 

Bad Black has promised the public to expect a new convict case over theft and that she also has to embezzle come 2023 because that’s her and it’s what i can do best.

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