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“I am still married to Pastor Bujjingo, he will always be my husband,” Teddy Naluswa shows off ring, laughs at Susan Makula

Teddy Naluswa, the official wife to city pastor Aloysious Bujjingo will never forget years 2020 and 2021 after her break up with her baby daddy.

For starters, Bujjingo chose to dump his wife is in late 2020 and moved in with his employee Susan Makula who also intoroduced him to her parents last year. Alot were said, Bujjingo trashed his wife, bedroom secrets were exposed.

Despite critics attacking and others blaming the Prayer Ministries International and Salt Media Group CEO for dumping his wife who got him from poor to rich, he kept a deaf ear and went on to unvail Makula as his new wife.

Bujjingo and side chick’s love is growing everyday as they keep showering it to each other publically and trust me their relationship seems it working.

However, nothing is promting official wife Teddy Naluswa to give up on her husband.

While speaking to a local You Tuber, Teddy paraded off her ring and revealed she’s still married and she love his husband Bujjingo. She narrated that everyone is entitled to think and say what they want on issues concerning her love life but they should know she is married. 

Teddy also cleared the air about reports that she was taken for a holiday trip in UK by her new boyfriend. She explained that she had gone for her daughter’s graduation at Shefiled University not as many people alleged.

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