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“I didn’t buy him a car,” Zari Hassan clears social media rumors on buying her toy boyfriend Shakib a brand new ride

Socialite Zari Hassan real name Zarinah Ttale has trashed social media rumours that she bought her toy boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya a brand new ride on his birthday.

Shakib celebrated his 30th birthday early this month. However, what stood out in the whole birthday thing was a car Shakib flashed on social media as a birthday gift.

Although he didn’t say who gifted him a brand new car, netizens quickly purported that Zari bought her toy boyfriend bought him a car since she is rich and toy boyfriend who is 12 years young than her is a church mouse.

However, in a recent press conference made by Zari Hassan, she revealed that Mr Lutaaya bought himself a car. She also revealed that Lutaaya is a hardworking man and he has money to do whatever he wants.

According to Zari , fans should stop thinking that Shakib doesn’t have money.

“Shakib is a very hardworking man and he provides himself with whatever he wants. I didn’t buy him a car on his birthday, he bought a car himself. The fact that I have a lot of money and I am established, it doesn’t mean I give my boyfriend expensive things,” Zari said.

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