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Veteran singer Sweet Kid paints picture on why he chose to quit music

Veteran singer Sweet Kid reveals why he chose to quit music

Faded and struggling singer Sweet Kid who has not dropped a new song in years has said that the reason he stopped singing is that he wanted more time for his family and children.

While Speaking to Boom Uganda on Monday, Sweet kid said that his children were staying far away from him, because they lacked his guidance and presence.

“I quit music because I wanted to focus on my family. My children and wife were already in Germany and I could’ t get enough time with them. I could see them once a year until I chose to quit and focus on the growth of the family,” he revealed.

In another interview recently, Sweet Kid said that he can no longer go around performing at different events and concerts in Uganda in search of money.

Sweet Kid alleged that he retired from music a long time ago and ventured into the bar business as he no longer needs stress from event organizers.

He reasons that he can only perform at friends’ functions, free of charge. The Brenda singer also noted that even though he gets bookings overseas, he cannot waste his time attending the shows.

“I can go and perform at my friend’s function for free but I can’t go around singing for money. I have retired from such work. He explained that he realized there is a better life after music which he decided to take on,” Sweet Kid.

According to Sweet Kid, he realized that there is a better life after music and that’s why he decided to retire from music and invest in a bar business.

“I realized that there is another better life after music and which is what I decided to do. I retired from the music industry and decided to open a bar. Even if I am called to sing in another country I would not go because I have officially retired and decided to do business. ” he revealed

Sweet Kid was a big name in the early 2000s but left the industry without any official announcement.

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