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VIDEO: Alex Gumisiriza defends wife Kulthum after missing her ex-husband Muzaata’s Duwa ceremony

Alex Gumisiriza reveals why his wife Kuluthum didn't attend ex-husband Muzaata's Duwa ceremony

Lately, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s family members unvailed his heir without notice to his widow Dr Kuluthum Nabunya.

For starters, after Muzaata’s death, there was a bitter fight among the family memebers with some proposing to share the late’s properties. There was shame and alot were exposed in the media.

In an interview with Boom Uganda previously, Kuluthum revealed that before his husband’s demolise, he had revealed that his son Anwar was to be his heir.

However, she was shocked after the family unvailed another heir without noticing her. Read Story Here.

According to Akram Gumisiriza, current husband to Dr. Kuluthum Nabunya, his family wasn’t invited to attend Sheikh Nuhuu Muzaata’s Duwa.

It is against the development thath he urged Muslim leaders and people at Kibuli to stop yelling at his wife for not attending the function.

“Everyone does what favors them, you understand. They wouldn’t have attacked us, they would leave everything as it is. They didn’t want to attend the duwa.

“The people that don’t like us didn’t invite us to the Duwa that’s why we didn’t attend. If they had invited us then they should bring proof about it,” Alex said.

It is remembered that Gumisiriza and Dr. Kulthum Nabunya had their introduction ceremony recently and they are heading to their wedding ceremony sooner. 

Akram Gumisiriza husband to Dr Kuluthum Nabunya widow of late Nuhuu Muzaata is an engineer who works with the Gold mining industry in South Africa.

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