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VIDEO: Meet Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s heir who has left Dr. Kulthum Nabunya spiting venom

Alex Gumisiriza reveals why his wife Kuluthum didn't attend ex-husband Muzaata's Duwa ceremony

The late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s widow Dr. Kulthum Nabunya is unhappy with the unveiling of Muzaata’s heir by family members.

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata died mysteriously in 2021 after suffering from a strange disease for a very short period of time.

With his death, he left children and two wives although rumor had it that none of the wives Bugilita and Dr. Kulthum was still with him by the time of his death.

There was a fight between the two wives on who to take the house that Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata left and other properties. They even went ahead to complain about the heir Kulthum saying Sheikh had chosen her son Anywa Muzaata.

Almost two years now after his death, the heir was finally crowned and it was not Dr. Kulthum’s son.

The heir crowned is known as Amujad Muzaata and his selection was made public through publications and broadcast on Salaam TV.

Dr. Kulthum went ahead to say that she is not happy that the heir was dressed in a backcloth yet Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata never liked it.

She said that Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata is disappointed wherever he is at the moment.

“Naye ddala muyinza mutya okuddira omwana wo’musajja eyali akulira ddawa nemumwambaza embugo? Yiii kale my heart is bleeding. Sheik yali atya no’lubugo for your information.”- she wrote.

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