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“My family was scared to tell me that I had HIV,” – NBS TV star MC Kats narrates painful story

Media personality MC Kats has opened up about his HIV/AIDS life saying his family got to know he was positive before he personally knew about it.

MC Kats has been in the media for more than 15 years and with his name up there people always thought he lived a healthy life and he wouldn’t say anything about his status.

However, with rumors all over the media, MC Kats was pushed to the wall to say something about his HIV status and immediately went into depression.

After recovering from depression, MC Kats continued to talk about his story to inspire other people living with HIV.

MC Kats said he didn’t know that he was sick but his family knew and they feared to tell him directly. The only thing they did was get him medicine and lie to him that it was for a certain disease.

“My family was scared to tell me that I had HIV, so they secretly gave me ARV, but lied that it was medication for another disease. When I found out, I was furious but later grateful,” MC Kats said

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