Home Entertainment “Please make meaningful music,” Bebe Cool advises fellow artistes

“Please make meaningful music,” Bebe Cool advises fellow artistes

Please make meaningful music – Bebe Cool advises fellow artistes

Singer Big Size Bebe Cool has advised fellow artistes to stop making stupid music and start doing meaningful music.

Bebe Cool said this after performing at Levixone’s concert over the weekend.

Talented Bebe Cool has been in the music industry for more than 20 years. In fact, he is one of the living legends in the industry that has inspired the young generation to join the music.

Some artistes have come into the industry and made hit songs and later faded away living him shinning

According to Bebe Cool, the reason behind his fame for a long time is meaningful music because those that have come and sang meaningless music have left him on board.

Big Size told upcoming artistes to think about their future while starting their careers because that foundation will lead them to either a better place or worst place.

“So many people have been asking me why I have stayed in the music industry for so long making hit songs, the truth is I just make meaningful music. These upcoming artistes who want to be like me should use me as an example and do meaningful music because it will keep them on top of their game for so long,” Bebe Cool said

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