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WATCH: “He Didn’t Give Me a Single Coin,” Lwasa Exposes Pastor Bugingo

“He Didn’t Give Me a Single Coin,

Struggling Masaka city tycoon and businessman Emmanuel Lwasa has opened up about his secretive meeting with Pastor Aloysious Bugingo, claiming he was not given a single coin but just buckets of prayers, something that hasn’t helped his situation.

Speaking out in an interview, Lwasa made it clear as he denied receiving any money from famous city pastor Bugingo.

Lwasa said that the rumour that has been going around that he got money to pay off his debts isn’t true as he is still in deep debts and needs a lot of money to clear them.

“I have not received any help from pastor Bugingo. I still need money to pay off my loans. People should stop confusing you, when we met he just prayed for me so that everything get fine but didn’t give me a single coin” Lwasa said.

The city casanova and father of 18 children made it clear as he said that he is still asking for financial help from well wishers saying he would be very grateful to revive his property.

According to the businessman, people like the president of Uganda and other fellow tycoons should be able to help him.

Lwasa’s trouble began a few weeks ago when the bank put up a notice on his Club Tavern Kick in Masaka claiming that it had put it up for sale after him failing to clear the loan he took from them.

Watch his interview below: