How President Museveni Cheated Death in Poison Laced Drink!

President Yoweri Museveni

As the National Resistance Movement (NRM) celebrated 38 years since their victory in 1986, led by President Yoweri Museveni, a remarkable story of survival and divine intervention came to light.

Museveni, the NRA guerrilla tactician, has attributed his success to God’s might, and his bush war experience is a testament to this claim. During the 5-year battle, Museveni faced numerous near-death experiences, including a poisoning attempt that left him critically ill.

His inner circle had been infiltrated, and he was administered a poisoned drink. Despite having a rigorous testing process in place, involving at least two people tasting his food and drink before consumption, the bush camp’s unsanitary conditions and compromised security protocols led to the poisoning.

Museveni’s condition was dire – he suffered severe stomach and back pain, was unable to move, and exhibited total body weakness. With only two doctors, Dr. Ronald Batta and Dr. Kizza Besigye (now an opposition leader), allowed near the inner circle, Museveni’s chances of survival seemed slim.

Dr. Besigye diagnosed poisoning, and two aides, Olive Zizinga and Gertrude Njuba, were detained for execution as per guerrilla code. However, Museveni intervened, sparing their lives and tasking them with nursing him back to health.

Initially, the cause of Museveni’s illness was thought to be poisoning, but Dr. Batta’s later diagnosis revealed an amoeba attack on the liver, which had caused poison-like symptoms.

The amoeba attack was attributed to Museveni’s consumption of tea made with unboiled water and contaminated herbs, which had been prepared by his assistants.Museveni’s remarkable recovery, thanks to the dedicated care of Zizinga, Njuba, and the medical team, is a testament to his resilience and the divine intervention he believes played a role in his survival.

This incident, among many others, has cemented Museveni’s conviction that God’s hand has been guiding him throughout his life and leadership.In his own words, Museveni has often spoken about the bush war, saying, “We were helped by God.”

His belief in divine intervention is not just a passing comment but a deeply held conviction that has shaped his life and leadership. The poisoning attempt and subsequent recovery are just one of many instances where Museveni believes God’s hand was evident.

The bush war was a brutal and unforgiving environment, where death lurked around every corner. Museveni’s leadership and strategic prowess were crucial to the NRA’s success, but he also credits God’s protection and guidance for their ultimate victory.

In the years since the bush war, Museveni has continued to face numerous challenges, from political opposition to economic struggles. Through it all, he has maintained his faith in God’s divine intervention, often citing scripture and seeking spiritual guidance in times of crisis.

Museveni’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the human spirit’s capacity for resilience and the role of faith in times of adversity. As Uganda continues to evolve and grow, the legacy of Museveni’s leadership and his unwavering belief in divine intervention will undoubtedly shape the nation’s future.

In conclusion, the story of Museveni’s poisoning and recovery during the bush war is a remarkable testament to his strength and the power of faith. As Uganda celebrates 37 years of NRM rule, this story serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made and the divine intervention that has guided the nation’s journey thus far.