PHOTOS: List of Men Reputedly Chewed Kenzo’s Baby Mama, Minister Nyamutooro Surfaces

Eddy Kenzo

While headlining Eid day fete with an electrifying performance at Comedy Store, singer Edirisa Musuuza, alias Eddy Kenzo, dropped a daisy cutter:  “I just want to let you know that Honourable Phiona Nyamutooro is my person and we have a kid (child) together”.

He confirmed what was already known.

But sources say among those who chewed Minister Pionah Nyamutooro is former Makerere Guild president David Bala.

During Bala’s 81st guild presidency (2015-2016), the new Minister of State for Energy and Mineral Development used to serve in his cabinet as Vice Guild.

Sources say Phiona and Bala used to share a lot and often promised each other heaven and earth including forming a family together in the near future.

Bala and Nyamutoro at an event together during their days as Mak guild bosses

Phiona went on to join politics while Bala was still trying to make ends meet.

With Kenzo confirming the news of the two siring a kid together, we are told Bala has been telling friends how heartbroken he is apparently.

It is not clear who betrayed the other.

Chief strategist Nyamutoro looks on as Bala signs a court consent form that brought him back in Mak 2015-16 Guild race which he won

Moles also tipped us that it’s not only Bala who is crying as we shall reveal in our subsequent publication.

By the time we filed this report, only two men, Kenzo and Bala reportedly to have b0nked Minister Nyamutooro.