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Details Emerge: Kojja Kitonsa Bewitched Singer Grace Khan

Socialite and self-proclaimed President of all sumbie vendors Bad Black real name Shanita Namuyimbwa has claimed that singer Grace Khan was bewitched by her ex Kojja Kitonsa.

Since her break up with Kitonza, Grace has never settled down with any man. All she gets from men is stress, depression, and denying knowing about her.

Kojja Kitonsa was Grace Khan’s first manager and they developed a relationship through the process.

The singer started coming out revealing their relationship to the public and that is how they ended it because Kojja Kitonsa was already a married man.

From then Grace Khan started getting into relationships and ended up having a child with fellow singer Prince Omar. It wasn’t all good and it resulted in depression that has taken a toll on her life.

According to Bad Black, Grace Khan tried to get help but she failed all the time. She said it is because of the witchcraft that was cast on her by ex-Kojja Kitonsa.

“ Kojja Kitonsa bewitched Grace khan…. Olaba olemwa ewa MummY Suzan makula nogyayo nomwana osalewo ogende mu lodge naye just u failed to rehabilitate ur alcoholic ne drugs. Kakomewo,” Bad Black said.