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Grace Khan Obsessed With Jovan Luzinda, Cries Out For His Love in an Open Latter

Grace Khan Purportedly B0nk!ng With Jovan Luzinda Again!

Singer Grace Khan is obsessed with her ex-lover fellow singer Jovan Luzinda. She has cried out for his love asking him to forgive her.

Grace Khan and Jovan Luzinda have their past. They used to hook up with each other before she got pregnant for Prince Omar.

Their relationship ended but they kept as friends supporting each other in whatever they were doing in their personal lives.

Grace Khan tried to make her relationship with baby daddy Prince Omar work out but it completely failed. They decided to just co-parent and raise their daughter as mother and father.

Now the singer is trying to find love again and not far away from where she had found it previously.

Grace Khan had said that she is ready to be in a relationship again with Jovan Luzinda. She said he is the only one that he wants and there is nothing wrong with it.

“What is wrong with some one speaking her heart out😭
My Fans please temusobola kulemwa kutuuka ku Jovan oba tumuwamba tumuwambe 😭Nfa obulumi
Nyongela okubajjukizza I’m dying 💪
Proudly Granahs mom,” Grace Khan said.