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I am Looking for a Rich Woman to Marry – Fresh Daddy

Fresh Daddy

Up and down struggling old singer Fresh Daddy real name Mutabazi Paul is looking for rich women ready to fund his life.

Fresh Daddy said he is tired of being broke and meeting ladies who just want to take away from him without giving him anything in return.

Fresh Daddy became famous because of his son Fresh Kid. When his son started singing, Mr Mutabazi believed he also had a talent like his son hence kicking off his music career.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get that famous for a long time. His son Fresh Kid still outshone him although he keeps creating scandals to be relevant.

Fresh Daddy says he wants to be with women that have money. Mutabazi said he is tired of providing, he wants to be provided to.

“Ndimu mukwetega bakyala balina ssente” Fresh Daddy.

It should be noted that there are so many male artistes who use their fame as an advantage to sleep around with older women who give them money.