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Chris Banina Reveals How He Cheated on His Fiance

‘Is it right to cheat while in a relationship?’ If this question was posed to anyone, perhaps they could answer it in a roundabout manner differently from Chris Banina of ‘The Banina’ duo group whose answer would straightforwardly be, ‘YES’.

While responding to a set of heated questions on a local station recently, Chris said that cheating is normal and he has ever done it as he responded to a question on; who of the twins is most likely to cheat.

“Cheating is normal and for everyone. Of course, I have ever done it however much, I don’t remember how many times that was,” Chris said point-blank.

“When I am called and told that Joe has stolen, I will say that’s not him without a second thought. But when they tell me that he has got annoyed, I can accept” Chris said of Joe and in return, “When they say that Chris has stolen or caught with some lady, I will say no ― that’s not him but I will believe when they say that he promised to arrive somewhere at a certain time and never, for I know he is not a timekeeper,” Joe said of Chris.

Joe and Chris are identical twins who share the same surname, Banina which they inherited from their father who died when they were both aged five. Noticing that all their siblings were musicians, it got them determined to make it happen too, when they grew up. Both are creative though differently as Joe sings so much and as for Chris, is a dancer.