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“I B0nked Ghosts Every Night,” Horrifying Story of How ‘Sugar Mummies’ Destroyed Jovan Luzinda’s Life

Jovan Luzinda

Band singer Jovan Luzinda has given a horrifying story of how sugar mummies destroyed his life for good.

Jovan Luzinda said they made him sleep with ghosts every night even when he didn’t like and want to do that.

In Uganda, upcoming artistes usually struggle to make it to the top of the game. One of the things that disturbs them is the money to do the songs and promote them.

Most of the young guys get old sugar mummies with money to fund their careers and offer s3x in return.

According to Jovan Luzinda, it was very hard for him. The sugar mummies gave him money but they left their spirits in him and other ghosts.

He said he was doing well musically, driving a nice car but he wasn’t gaining weight and he was looking pale like he didn’t smear himself with Vaseline.

Jovan Luzinda said every time he would come home back in the evening he would find ghosts waiting for him to have to have s3x with them and that stressed, and depressed him so much.

“I regret dating and sleeping with sugar mummies, they made my life a living hell. They made me sleep with ghosts every night and that disturbed my life,” Luzinda Said.