PHOTOS: Face of Eddy Kenzo’s Son With Minister Phionah Nyamutooro Unveiled

Singer Eddy Kenzo real name Edirisa Musuuza the president of artistes under the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) has unveiled the face of his youngest son with Minister of Energy Phionah Nyamutooro unveiled.

Eddy Kenzo shares the photos son with his new wife minister of Minerals and Energy Hon Phiona Nyamutooro.

Before Nyamutooro was appointed as the minister, no one knew that something was going on between her and Eddy Kenzo.

Instead, Eddy Kenzo was rumoured to be dating fellow singers Lydia Jazmine and Carol Nantongo who were once best of friends.

The singer had come out and denied the allegations saying he has a wife and a newborn baby and everyone was wondering who he had the child with.

When Nyamutooro was appointed as the minister Eddy Kenzo came out and revealed that they were together and they had been dating for a while.

He also confirmed that they have a child together and there is a photo that was taken of Eddy Kenzo with a baby boy at his home on Eidi day.

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