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Faded Tycoon Lwasa Sheds Tears Revealing How Women Detoothed & Left Him Begging

BBS TV Presenter Diana Nabatanzi Detoothed Tycoon Lwasa Leaving him Trapped in Debts - Netizens

Socialite and businessman Lwasa Emmanuel is declaring himself poor after the bank put one of his buildings in Masaka on sale.

Lwasa said his hope is President Yoweri Museveni and if he doesn’t help him out, the building will be sold off to those that have the money.

Lwasa is known mostly for spending money on women, especially celebrities.

At first, he dated Desire Luzinda and their relationship was very public. He bought her a car and spent so much on her as they moved for different trips.

The other celebrities he has dated are all in privacy the one that was talked about mostly is with Diana Nabatanzi. It ended after five years and he wasn’t happy with it.

He said he had invested so much money in Diana Nabatanzi and didn’t know where the relationship was even heading because they didn’t go public about it.

According to Lwasa, women are not the ones that have made him poor. He said he lost so much money in elections when he was contesting in Masaka.

That is when he started becoming poor but still had some businesses which have finally collapsed.

“I am so stressed because of the accumulated debts. My businesses have all fallen and I am almost remaining with nothing. People are saying it is because of women but that is not true. I lost money in elections when I was contesting,”