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“Allow me to Have Access to my Daughter,” Kim Swagga Begs Bad Black for Forgiveness

Fashionista Kim Swagga is on his knees as he seeks forgiveness from his baby mama socialite Bad Black.

Swagga says he wants them to be on the same line and give him access to their 12-year-old daughter so that he can be the father he has always wanted.

Kim Swagga said he wasn’t in a relationship with Bad Black but they had a casual relationship in which they were intimate. Swagga said it happened for about two months and he found out she was pregnant.

Swagga was allowed to see the child not until the child was about 6 years old when they stopped talking. He was cut out of the life of the child.

Kim Swagga said he was blocked and up to date he doesn’t know what led to that. He also heard that the child was not his and the mother was selling her.

According to Kim Swagga, he would want to be a father to Davina but that would happen if Bad Black is on the same page.

“I want Bad Black to forgive me if I did anything wrong to her. I would want to be the father of my child but it has been six years ever since I last heard from her or even saw her,”