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Minister Nyamutooro’s Hubby Eddy Kenzo in Trouble, Accused Of Stealing Money

Minister Nyamutooro

Singer Eddy Kenzo is in trouble days after officially introducing his wife Minister Phiona Nyamutooroto the public and also going to visit her home.

He is being accused of stealing money from a Cameroon female, Gah-Ndo Ashuembom Amabo professionally known as Gasha.

Gasha said the two worked on a song together but they didn’t have a written agreement that would guide them when it comes to the distribution of the money from the song.

She said she trusted Eddy Kenzo and even gave him some money for the distribution of the song but nothing was done and she now needs justice.

Here are the details;

I accept my responsibility for not insisting that Eddy should sign something after we handed him 2000 dollars at the studio. Facts I should have. But that brother was by himself and made it clear he dealt with his things by himself when I asked about his team. He didn’t write English and had some trouble reading English too.
Not an insult. Not every country is assimilated, some countries first language is their natural language, not English.

When my partner said we should get a document, I told him English isn’t this brother’s first language he’s here alone and has great plans, so why should we kill his creative energy by forcing an English document on him when he’s alone? Which made perfect sense at the time. BUT to my younger ones even if someone speaks Xoxa, Indian, Zulu, bulu, Bafut, follow up before or after to have the document translated in their language and sent to them. So if the bad faith is premeditated, you have something to hold.

Also, there are many people who have profited from verbal deals. Verbal deals have also helped me a lot in my career. I have worked with Pazzo, Tibu, many producers, Nkeng Stephens on verbal deals. And I’m glad because when I couldn’t keep up with my consistency, I didn’t get in any trouble because they maintained the heart they had in the beginning.
We are Africans if we must sign to do EVERYTHING and can’t assist one another by looking at our true level, when will we reach the level of the global market? With the realities we face here which are so different from theirs?
BUT THIS SHALL NEVER EXCUSE HIM REPLACING MY NAME WITH HIS, selling on every platform (we never agreed on that) I got no heads up, and was asked to “stay humble” by his management when I reached out to straighten it.

Let’s say I was simply naive, does that justify his actions?

My music has been exploited over the years by many people and companies and we are working on all that, but no one ever removed my name from my own song, to replace it with theirs and stream on every platform. I went with my beat, wrote my song n chorus, he freestyled his verse . So since he wasn’t that keen on helping an African sister, let him hand over everything that belongs to me and we shall send him whatever percentage he should normally get.
Kenzo we both in our hearts know what we agreed. And if u keep Insisting I’m lying, make a move against my “lies”.